Therapeutic Arts Master Practitioner Program (TAMPs)

Therapeutic Arts Master Practitioner program is an extension of the Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Program. This program offers a deeper exploration of creativity, connecting you with your unique visual intelligence while building skill in the techniques of therapeutic arts. This advanced level dives into the application of therapeutic arts related to specific topic areas.

This program does not require approval by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

Course Length: 12 weeks

Delivery: Online

Credential: Certificate
Title: Therapeutic Arts Master Practitioner
Cost: $2985 ($995/month)
Time: Thursdays, 4:30 – 7:30 PM PST
Maximum Students: 12 per class
Amount of Homework: 2 hrs/week

Apply new techniques and modalities to your own life or when working with clients and community members. Knowledge from the program will aid in various professions, including arts-based education, body work, ministry and coaching, hospitals, nursing homes, community health centres, shelters, prisons, early childhood programs, and special schools.

NOTE: TAMPs graduates may be able to apply their certification to an application for the Clinical Art Therapy Diploma program. Contact Enrollment for more details.

January 6 – March 24, 2022

LAST DAY TO APPLY: November 25, 2021

TAMPs will not certify you as an art therapist, but the program offers practical techniques to enrich your existing clinical or teaching practice or apply to your own creative process. TAMPs is an extension of the Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Program. You must complete TAPPs or an equivalent prior to taking TAMPs.

TAMPs is also available as a private team program.


Learning Outcomes
  • Understand and identify themes in clients’ artwork
  • Recognize red flags in clients’ artwork and what to do
  • Learn to create individualized techniques for clients
  • Create activities, themes, and goals for client groups
  • Understand when to refer a client to an art therapist
Admission Requirements
  • Graduation from the TAPPs program or equivalent experience
  • Minimum age of 19 years
Tuition Fees

Tuition Cost: $2985 ($995/month)

Please contact us for more information on payment and available payment plans.

Direct: 1-778-747-5254


Additional Fees

  • Textbooks
  • Art supplies

Program Details

Module 5: Realigning relationships

FOUR x 3-HOUR CLASSES Enhance your knowledge of attachment relationships throughout the lifetime and the role of the therapeutic arts as a modality for deepening healthy attachments. *Recommended Reading: Attachment Informed Art Therapy. L. Proulx, 2017.

  • Relationship with Self: The Foundation for Healthy Connection
  • Looking Back to Move Forward: Attachment and Family of Origin
  • Emotional Safety: The Much Needed Key
  • Building Connection from the Inside-Out

Module 6: On the Spectrum

FOUR x 3-HOUR CLASSES Explore the value of art experiences for people with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. Delve into how art helps clients imagine and think symbolically, recognize and respond to facial expressions, manage sensory issues, and even improve fine-motor skills.

  • Understand autism spectrum disorder
  • Develop an interactive art template for supporting the ASD client
  • Incorporate therapeutic arts into Greenspan’s floor time model to focus on imaginative play, creativity and building initiative.

Module 7: Shifting the PTSD paradigm

FOUR x 3-HOUR CLASSES Discover how arts-based approaches informed by neuroscience may help your clients with PTSD or DTD restore a sense of emotional and psychological safety and engage fully with the present.

  • Discuss trauma, triggers, and the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR)
  • Explore arts-based activities for PTSD, including combat-related PTSD and traumatized children
  • Understand client post-traumatic growth and resiliency, and self-care for therapists

Studying with CiiAT is more than just an education,

it’s a personal journey within a supportive community.

Whether it’s through our small, intimate classes, or through our friendly administrative and technical support team, we strive to provide personalized help and attention.

“I have felt so supported in my educational learning and personal growth at CiiAT. I only wonder why I didn’t start this journey sooner.”

~ Tehani Burnett ~

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