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Art of Psychology

Program Description

An ideal pre-requisite for the Art Psychotherapy Diploma program, the Art of Psychology program offers a foundation in psychology through a therapeutic arts lens.

The program is delivered live online and instructor-led or entirely self-directed for your convenience.

Participants will begin their journey with an introduction to psychology and therapeutic arts, then explore various considerations for therapeutic arts throughout the human developmental stages and transitions of life.  The program concludes with the integration of the benefits of therapeutic arts for improving mental health and emotional well-being.

  • Credential: Certificate of Completion
  • Tuition: $975
  • Delivery: Self-Directed
  • Instructional Hours: 24 hours
  • lHomework: 4-6 hours
  • Time Commitment: 28-30 hours self-directed


Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Students will be able to identify current psychological and art-based theories and approaches
  • Students will recognize indications of psychological dysregulation
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between therapeutic arts and psychology

Admission Requirements

Participants must meet a minimum age requirement of 19 years and have a minimum of two years of experience in education completed in English.

Completion Requirements

Participants must achieve a minimum grade of 70% and an overall attendance rate of 90%, and all assignments must be completed in order to complete the course.

Method of Evaluation

Assigned readings, followed by learner participation in the form of synchronous and asynchronous discussion, response to each other’s questions and comments, response to the instructor's questions and comments, analyzing and giving feedback.

  • Arts-based projects which explore various media
  • Reflective and qualitative personal learning reports
  • Successful completion of evaluation activities and methods, including but not limited to quizzes, assignments, projects, role-plays, demonstrations, and participation


This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

When does it Run?

We offer the instructor-led version of Art of Psychology Program twice year. However, the entirely self-directed version is available at anytime.


Do you have 6 or more staff all needing this training? We deliver the curriculum tailored to your needs. Contact us to discuss options [email protected].

Paying all at once

Is your tuition being paid by your company or organization? Do you need to pay the full tuition in advance?

We can help you, please email [email protected]  to enroll and pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition cost for the programs, and are payment plans available?

The tuition cost for the programs varies depending on the specific program chosen. Payment plans are offered with options for multiple installments, making it easier for participants to manage their financial commitments. Detailed information about tuition fees and payment plans can be found in the program-specific documentation.

Are the courses available through virtual or distance education?

Yes, the courses within the Therapeutic Arts series offer various instructional formats, including virtual or distance education. Participants can engage in the programs through online platforms, teleconferencing, and the use of online learning platforms, allowing for flexibility and accessibility in their studies.

How can I enroll in these programs, and when are they available?

The Therapeutic Arts Series has several enrollment times a year, please check the shop for current availability. The Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Certification has public enrollment in January, May and September. Private group enrollment is available throughout the year, upon request.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these programs?

No, there are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in these programs. They are open to individuals interested in personal and professional development in the field of therapeutic arts.

What are the general learning outcomes for the “Art of Psychology” program?

The “Art of Psychology” program covers psychology through a therapeutic arts lens. Participants will learn about psychological theories and approaches, recognize indications of psychological dysregulation, and understand the relationship between therapeutic arts and psychology.

Are there other programs available besides the Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Certification?

Yes, there are other programs available, including “The Art of Psychology,” “Rethinking Relationships,” “Navigating Neurodiversity,” “Trauma-Informed Practices,” “Attached for Life,” “Creating with Nature,” and “Passion, Purpose, Profit.” These programs cover various aspects of therapeutic arts and personal development.

Studying with CiiAT is more than just an education,

it’s a personal journey within a supportive community.

Whether it’s through our small, intimate classes, or through our friendly administrative and technical support team, we strive to provide personalized help and attention.

Excellent school

Excellent school, excellent programs, excellent instructors.

M Desjardins
Graduated Student

Had a huge impact

Each of the modules had a huge impact on both my personal artistic/therapeutic practice and deciding what I wanted to do with my career.

Rachel Robbins
Graduated Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

International program

It’s exciting to be in an international program, our cohort is from all around the world.

Rachel Robbins
Graduated Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

Transformational course

My first experience with CiiAT was taking their Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Program, and it was a transformational course for me.

Rachel Robbins
Graduated Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

Passionate and Engaging

My experience so far has been very positive! The teachers and staff are passionate and engaging.

Rebecca Adelman
Graduated Student

Celebrating what everyone brings to the table

The staff and instructors are really vocal about celebrating what everyone brings to the table and helping us navigate how we’re going to have the greatest impact in this field based on who we are and how we want to use the credentials we’re working towards.

Rachel Robbins
Graduated Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

Strong foundation in therapeutic arts

TAPPs gave me a strong foundation in therapeutic arts and solidified my decision to apply to their Art Psychotherapy Diploma (APD).

Rachel Robbins
Graduated Art Psychotherapy Diploma Student

I loved the TAPPs program

I loved the TAPPs program, with Drawn by Experience and Mandalas as Clinical Intervention with a variety of skilled and talented instructors.

M Desjardins
Graduated Student