CiiAT - Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
Organizational Development


  • Creative, interactive workshops, involving ‘Cringe Free’ activities
  • Experiential learning for teams to explore and discover realistic approaches
  • ARTshops are designed for 5-105 year olds and for intimate groups of 12 people to a room bursting with 500 people!


  • Empowering, thought-provoking presentations, set in a foundation of useful tools for professionals
  • Validates current situations, promotes self-care and team-care, and explores future possibilities
  • Encourages both self-reflection and dialogue


  • Integrating creative tools to engage clients more meaningfully
  • Clinical supervision for marriage and family therapists, art therapists and expressive arts therapists
  • Graphic recording, facilitation and visual communications training


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Our passion for creative expression flows from the stage and the classroom during all of our engagements with you.  Unfolding Solutions uses simple materials and processes enabling you and your teams to explore and express complex dynamics in a simple, non-threatening and safe manner.

All sessions are designed specifically for your event and the needs of the audience and agenda – be it a few hours or a few days!

What are ARTshops?

  • Creative, interactive workshops, involving simple but impactful activities.
  • Experiential learning for teams to explore and discover realistic approaches and assess the processing styles of each its members.
  • Rather than fitting the tools to the individual, the individual discovers and brings their personal strengths to be used as tools for the team. Team members can then shift within teams to assist in more creative problem solving and produce creation.
  • ARTshops are designed for 5-105 year old’s and for intimate groups of 12 people to a room bursting with 500 people!

Sample ARTshops include:

Be the Art or the Artist

Recognition of potential & control of your life

We are all influenced and shaped by our experiences and encounters. Our lives come to resemble a beautiful painting, with many layers, textures, and colours. Great stories emerge.  But in the creation of the painting, who held the brush? Who sketched the design? Are you the artwork or are you the artist?

This ARTshop positively explores who and what has influenced us and who’s expectations we strive to reach. No matter who held the brush in your painting you will see how to take control and add new layers, colours, and textures to the painting. Discover the 6 key factors for taking control of your life, and living it by your design.

Understand the 'T' in change

Managing Transformation

Logically we know change is a natural and essential process in our everyday life, yet we may find the process to be uncomfortable, confusing, and stressful. Sometimes, we seek out change and are filled with excitement at the new possibilities.

Understanding the ‘T’ in Change explores how the process of invited and uninvited change affects you, your team, and your community. Appreciate the power of transformation and learn
how to manage transformative steps in a healthy and productive manner!

Mosaic Masterpiece

Create a Happy & Productive Team

Explore the dynamics of your team by discovering and appreciating the unique and varied personality styles.

Creatively connect the best fitting pieces together while valuing the glue that holds them in place.

Uncover potential, celebrate passion and skill while guiding your team to observe both the big picture as well as the details, the short-term goals and the long-term rewards.

Paint by Numbers

Clarifying Goals & Action Steps

When each team member seems to be heading in a different direction but believes they are working together to achieve the same goal, the Paint by Numbers ARTshop will help.

Bring the whole team together for this ARTshop to show them your vision, through words, imagery and discussion.

As the team sees your vision as clearly as you do, they will be able to create the action steps and timeline so that the steps to success will be as simple as painting by numbers.


Knowing and Accepting You

This ARTshop is designed specifically for women’s wellness groups. Self-portrait is an opportunity to explore the authentic you in a highly personal and creative manner.

Be it a face cast or body cast, you will be able to discover more of your authentic self and introduce her to the many roles you already fulfill in life.

Being more authentically you lowers stress and inner conflict, allows for more self-acceptance, and encourages you to be your own best advocate and promoter.


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Empowering, thought-provoking presentations, set in a foundation of useful skill development for professionals. CherylAnn Webster is our Unfolding Solutions keynote speaker.

Cheryl-Ann found her speaking career at a safari park with a python around her neck!  After entertaining and informing a diverse audience 5 times a day, 7 days a week, she became adept at tailoring her delivery to lift the spirits of the audience on a rainy day and spark the interest of even the most disgruntled guests dragged along on a family outing as well as reacting and responding in a heartbeat if the animals on stage refused to stay on script. Needless to say, her time as a snake handler cemented her speaking career!

Since her time at the safari park, Cheryl-Ann has since become a Registered Canadian Art Therapist and developed her presentations to help people of all ages better understand their self-worth, shift their perspective and acceptance of those they share their lives with, and empower her audience to take steps each day to create their best personal and professional life.

Cheryl-Ann has spoken at more than 350 events since gaining her professional status with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in 2008.

Sample Keynotes include:

ART to Life

This is both an inspirational and informative introductory talk, about art as an important mode of expression and ART (Awareness. Resilience. Transformation.) as a process in which to live by.

The ART to Life talk is specifically designed for groups that do not have the resources for a full keynote presentation.

This talk is highly visual and as such Cheryl-Ann can provide AV equipment suitable for a room hosting a maximum of 40 people.

HARTbeat - How Art Saved my Life

From the streets to the studio and then to the stage, HARTbeat is a story of transformation, an inspiring presentation about courage and hope entwined with transformational and applicable life lessons suitable for an adult audience.

HARTbeat is a keynote presentation that can be adapted for a 45-minute or 90-minute agenda.  With a longer agenda, the presentation includes more audience participation in the form of self-reflection and simple arts-based activities.

HARTbeat works well as an opening Keynote with follow-up break-out ARTshops in which smaller groups can explore and express what creates their life.

Celebrating Beautiful YOU!

Celebrating Reality, Empowering Change

Cheryl-Ann Webster’s award-winning Beautiful Women Project has highlighted how our body image and self-esteem are intrinsically linked to how we live every aspect of our lives!

Celebrating Beautiful You explores intergenerational messages, media influences, and the power of self-talk to raise self-awareness.  In-your-seat activities will help participants recognize
their resilience to negative forces and the 120 sculptures (either shown in slides or exhibited on site), open a dialogue to transforming how we and the ones we love can celebrate our natural beauty and live healthier and happier lives.

This keynote presentation is highly adaptable to best suit the specific needs of the audience and agenda.

SHE - Shaping You, Shaping Your Life

Crafting a happier & healthier life begins with how you See the world around you, what you Hear from your inside voice and exploring everlasting ways to Encourage yourself.

This reflective keynote presentation has been most impactful with women experiencing a Mid-life Check-in; the stage in life where women re-evaluate many aspects of their current situation.

SHE allows for individual evaluation, discovery of inner strength, and planning of transformational steps into the next phase of life. A phase that is centred on their needs and
achieving their goals.


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Sample offerings include:

Mastering Metaphor and Meaning

Experience a step-by- step methodology to include visual and creative techniques in your team and client engagements. Learn to:

  • Apply metaphor to simplify convey and master strategic concepts.
  • Use graphic templates and creative processes to engage team/client members and capture ideas.
  • To facilitate integrating visual templates into your team meetings.

This is designed as a two-day hands-on workshop that provides the tools to improve the way you learn, teach, and work with others.

Ideal for independent or In-house professionals who manage change processes: Facilitators, HR professionals, Project Managers, Coaches, Teachers, Project Managers, and Leaders who need to facilitate, coach and improve performance in groups.

Reflective Practice for Mental Health Practitioners

Learn and apply the Reflective Practice Model (Oakland Children’s Hospital approach) to your organization, clients, and staff. Reflective supervision assists organizations in developing supports and strategies for caregivers, counsellors and supervisor staff in all types of organizations. This can improve the quality of services and help reduce staff burnout and turnover. Our services range from providing trainings, guiding agencies to develop their own capacity to use this technique using a train-the-trainer approach, or if required, a sustained engagement where we can offer regular reflective supervision from an experienced therapist.

Reflective practice, reflective supervision, and reflective leadership is an emerging approach now considered best practice for organizations where stress, high staff turnover, and quality of service are significant issues. Especially in the health and social service fields, the demands of increased productivity, high caseloads and complex client dynamics can challenge your organization’s morale and quality of service.

Ideal for therapists, home visitors, art therapists, expressive arts therapists, mental health providers, nurses, case workers, social workers, teachers and coaches “We can help your staff do better, and feel better about what they do”.

Clinical Supervision
We offer hourly, weekly, and monthly clinical supervision sessions and consultations from our licensed, registered clinical faculty:

  1. MFT supervision, for students and interns working towards licensure with the BBSE, AAMFT
  2. ATR supervision, for students and interns working towards credentialing with CATA, AATA