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Notable and informative publications from our faculty.

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research and practice

Virtual Art Therapy: Research and Practice Here

edited by Michelle Winkel

This book provides a practical and research-based exploration of virtual art psychotherapy, and how its innovations are breaking new ground in the mental health field.

With seventeen chapters authored by leaders documenting their research on creative arts therapies online, along with findings from the Virtual Art Therapy Clinic, this volume presents examples, strategies, and experiences delivering arts-based therapeutic services and online education. Clinical practice examples support and provide evidence for the transition from in-person to virtual sessions.

By combining the collected expertise of all the contributing authors, this book encourages art therapists to support further growth in the field of virtual art therapy.

faculty publications

Published in the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal.

Free to download. For additional publications from our faculty, please contact us.


Attachment Informed Art Therapy: Strengthening Emotional Ties Throughout the Lifetime

by Lucille Proulx

*Please note that the given link directs to a summary and review of Attachment Informed Art Therapy.

Attachment Informed Art Therapy offers a “solid, visible and empirically-grounded conceptual framework…[for] professionals who use attachment theory in clinical work…[and] for therapists working with populations of all ages and cultures, from birth to death.”


Musing on Cultural Humility

by Michelle Winkel

Aspirations of multiculturalism in our society and therapeutic practices are developing conversations regarding cultural competency among mental health professionals. Given the complexity of cultural diversity, it can be helpful to frame cultural knowledge as a process rather than a goal – a process that does not assume authority, but rather a fluidity of addressing contributing factors to cultural identities.


ONEBird: Integrating Mindfulness, Self- Compassion, and Art Therapy

by Patricia Williams

This review article explores the interface between art therapy and the growing field of self-compassion. The term ONEBird refers to a model that integrates mindfulness, compassion, and creative expression in an educational, experiential, and therapeutic process. Background information is provided on the integration of self-compassion and mindfulness into effective training programs and a contemporary approach to psychotherapy. Empirical evidence for the protective role of self-compassion is also included.

Valuing arts-based research.