Hedaya AlDaleel

I am a multicolored canvas of different cultures and countries. I believe our life experiences make us who we are. Being raised in Dubai taught me diversity, multiculturalism, and respecting everyone regardless of their background or religion. Experiencing life in Canada has nurtured my curiosity to expand my horizons and keep an open heart because we are bound to learn something new.

I am currently the Lead on all student-related issues in our new Student Services department. I continue to support our Registrar, Tanika, to ensure our student records are up to date at CiiAT. I graduated from CiiAT in 2021, with the Clinical Art Therapy program. Combining my experience with almost three years of training and education in Art Therapy, as well as my previous experience in the area of Fine Arts, therapeutic touch, and Dorn-therapy has enabled me to provide an open-minded, holistic, client-centered approach to my clients. My core belief is that everyone deserves to be heard and a chance to express themselves.

I am honored to have contributed to the pilot research study that the Virtual Art therapy clinic handled at CiiAT, and I am passionate about the ongoing research in the field of art therapy. I specialize in virtual art therapy and am passionate about helping women struggling with mental health issues. I primarily work closely with immigrants, new moms, and women going through transitions in their lives.