Corey Pettipas is originally from Nova Scotia and came to Victoria to pursue a career with the Royal Canadian Navy. Since then, Corey has had a distinguished career with the Canadian Pacific Fleet, having served for 12 years and 1000 days at sea as both a Marine Technician and a Naval Combat Information Operator. They have always wanted to serve their country; being a part of something bigger and protecting loved ones has always been important to them.

Recently, Corey has chosen a different path. Corey became interested in mental health advocacy and art therapy after experiencing art therapy as a client and the positive impact it has made on their life and well-being. “When I am in a creative space, I am able to leave my ever-present anxiety and state of hyper-vigilance for a moment…”

Corey runs a drop-in art group with their partner at the Ministry of Casual Living, an artist-run centre, as a way of exploring what inclusive access to art-making can do for the community as well as continuing to heal and advocate for themselves and the community. In their spare time, Corey enjoys playing music with friends, creating intricate collage, and getting their face licked by friendly dogs.