CiiAT - Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
Monica Hinrichs, RSW, RCAT
Monica Hinrichs, RSW, RCAT

Monica Hinrichs, RSW, RCAT

Clinical Supervisor & Instructor

The many places and stories of my mixed cultural background have exposed me to different cultures, views, and beliefs that have greatly enriched my life and ultimately influenced my career in clinical practice first and art therapy after.

I am by trade a Registered Social Worker with three decades of experience and practice in mental health. I have graduated as an Art Therapist from CiiAT, and I am currently a Registered Art Therapist with CATA.

I have developed many specialties during my long-standing career ranging from Attachment Informed clinical practice to supporting a wide range of mental health related issues during the prenatal-adolescence period.

My many concurring years of after-hours crisis work have also exposed me to human suffering throughout the life span, promoting personal awareness in my role as clinician and art therapist. I am dedicated to the use of art therapy to enable the unsayable to be said, the unmentionable to be mentioned, the unforgettable to be held.

I will be forever grateful to my CiiAT family for the great gift of art therapy that I received, and I use it by promoting creative expression in my work with clients, inspiring other clinicians and advocating for art therapy in my community.
When I don’t work or study, I am a dedicated mother and grandmother. I love nature and mixed media art.