CiiAT - Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
Cheryl-Ann Webster, RCAT
Cheryl-Ann Webster, RCAT

Cheryl-Ann Webster, RCAT

Executive Director

Cheryl-Ann Webster is the Executive Director, faculty member, and student advisor at CiiAT. Under her leadership, CiiAT has built significantly on its existing online footprint. She has devoted her time centralizing the learning experience to be an inclusive, accessible, e-learning environment, which is as close to an in-person classroom experience as one can manage online. She works closely with prospective students exploring the different programs available at CiiAT.

Cheryl-Ann holds a BA Honours in Culture & Communications from Lancaster University. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has been a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers since 2008. She has over 20 years of experience as a therapeutic artist and is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist.

She is the artist and creator of the family-friendly Beautiful Women Project, an exhibit of 120 life-sized clay sculptures of real women from ages 19-91. The exhibit aims to promote body confidence and raise awareness on the impact of body-shaming. It has been deemed a "revelation of truth" and has been showcased to over 70,000 people through exhibits and 400 speaking events.

Cheryl-Ann blends her passion for learning, creative arts, and her interest in human dynamics to provide a deep learning experience for students, effective one-on-one art therapy sessions in her private practice, and group sessions for her audiences. She believes art saved her life. “Art is the voice of our soul: at times it sings, at times it screams, but it always needs to be heard.”

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