Specialized Expressive Arts Training

A Short Course for Art Therapists and Clinical Professionals.

Program Description

Specialized Expressive Arts Training

Specialized Expressive Arts Training is a short professional development course for Art Therapists and Clinical Professionals.

This practical, experiential course covers the following key concepts:

  • ‘Focusing on Art Therapy’ – how to work with individuals, dyads, and groups.
  • ‘The Functional Emotional Stages’ of development throughout a lifetime.
  • ‘The Mandala Clinical Intervention’ for mindfulness, insight, reflection, ritual, client care, and self-care.

Throughout this training, you will become familiar with a wide range of art media and how each impacts the therapeutic container. You will learn how your therapeutic rapport with clients improves with arts-based interventions. We will teach the Functional Emotional Stages of Development as applied to the lifespan of clients. Also, you will experience and practice the Mandala clinical intervention for mindfulness, insight, reflection, ritual, client care, and self-care. Students will explore and apply many art therapy interventions to clinical work with children, youth, adults, and dyads.

Course Description

Focusing on Art Therapy

Focusing on Art Therapy is an innovative, broad overview of this emerging mental health practice. As the foundation for practicum training, these courses are experientially based and grounded in a theoretical framework. It will give students the opportunity to actively explore their own reflective, art-therapy process, and to integrate this experiential process into currently used conceptual frameworks for clinical practice. Classes will focus on inner and interpersonal art process through instructor-led art making, small group debriefing sessions and class discussions dealing with theory, technique and clinical practice.

These studio-based courses focus on art therapy with individuals, couples, and groups. We highlight both community-based work as well as clinically-based settings, such as hospitals, community wellness centers and schools. Students will have an opportunity to create art and to practice the role of the art therapist in class with dyads and small groups.

Functional Emotional Stages

Through a lens of attachment theory and trauma theory, we explore and practice how the Functional Emotional Stages of Development inform the students’ current mental health practice.

Our program Instructors, are all Registered Art Therapists and are trained in the assessment and intervention models called FEAS. They use case studies, videos, and hands-on art interventions to support students’ learning of these stages of development throughout the lifespan.

Mandala and Mindfulness
Mandala CourseThe Mandala Clinical Intervention for Mindfulness teaches students the interplay of neurobiology with visual art-making. It is a simple ritual meditative painting and breathing program, focusing on the somatic experience of each individual. You will experience self-care, and learn how this technique is applicable for client assessment, clinical intervention, and treatment for specific clients.
Admission Requirements (click here for more)
A BA university education or higher; ideally be involved in Clinical Practice, and be interested in achieving Specialized Art Therapy skills.

Application Fees:

$50.00 intake interview. For Accepted students, this fee will be deducted from tuition.

Equivalency Assessments:

An Equivalency Assessment (EA) is available for applicants who do not hold or have not completed a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university required for admission to CiiAT.

The Equivalency Assessment application and process is to determine that the applicant has the required knowledge and skills that would match the equivalent of a university degree and would be successful in completing the program. The cost of applying for an EA is $200.

Interview and Acceptance of Admission

After your application has been accepted and approved, you will interview with a member of CiiAT’s faculty. Afterward, the Enrollment Director will notify you in writing of the admission decision. The Institute reserves the right to admit or deny admission to any applicant based on the professional judgment of the Executive and Clinical Directors and administration involved in the admission process.

Tuition Fees (click here for more)
Tuition Fees
Additional Costs to consider:
  • $50 Application fee
  • Textbooks
  • Art supplies
Course Calendar (click here for more)
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