Specialized Expressive Arts Training Program (SEAT)



This  experiential program explores the unique and delicate connection between intermodal arts, healing, and the surrounding environment while working with children, youth, adults, dyads, and groups.

SEAT focuses on using innovative expressive arts processes and current methodologies, techniques, and concepts to facilitate students’ knowledge and skill-building.

Areas of focus will include:

• The environment as an important therapeutic space;

• How and when to incorporate nature and elements of the natural world into the studio and the therapeutic environment;

• Various expressive arts- and nature-based clinical interventions for supporting clients and therapists of all ages by increasing insight, resolving trauma, reflection, creating meaningful ritual, and improving self-care.



After completing the application form, please ensure that you send any requested documents to . We will respond to your application with 2-3 business days.


In this course, you will explore:

  • an introduction to arts-based therapies with various client populations
  • theories and methodologies exploring the use of environmental arts in therapy
  • cultural concepts, world views, and practices regarding the connection between art, environment, nature, and people
  • a focus on moving from duality to unity, and from trauma to recovery
  • new skills and knowledge through case studies, role-play, and classroom demonstrations


  • skills in the application of expressive arts therapy interventions in therapeutic work with various client populations
  • awareness of the interconnection between humans and the physical environment, while focusing on moving from trauma to recovery
  • ability to reflect upon expressive art therapy experiences with clients meaningfully
  • competence in environmental and nature-based expressive art therapy techniques for intervention with a variety of clientele
  • understanding of therapeutic considerations for practice with various client populations as explored through role-play, reflection, and student-instructor interaction

Admission Requirements

Prospective students must submit or demonstrate:

• A completed copy of the Application Form

• Minimum age requirement of 19

• Paraprofessional experience in the field of education, health, or counselling, with a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts or social sciences

• Minimum two years of experience in education completed in English


Tuition Fees

Tuition Cost: $3750

Please contact us for more information on payment and available payment plans.

Toll-free: 1-866-452-4428

Local: 1-778-817-1043


Additional Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Art supplies