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Art Psychotherapy Diploma Application

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The Art Psychotherapy Diploma application fee is a nonrefundable payment.

Once the application is received, we will process your application and reach out in 5-8 business days to schedule your interview.

Program Description

The Art Psychotherapy Diploma Program is a dynamic, comprehensive, and academically rigorous program that nourishes creativity, encourages critical thinking, and welcomes unique perspectives. Experiential and embodied learning fosters competence, flexibility and professional skill development that enables art therapists to meet the complex demands of today’s clients, including their physical and virtual environments.

This diploma program prepares students for a career as a Professional Art Therapist and is recognized by:

This program has been approved by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training:

The Art Psychotherapy Diploma Program helps students navigate the political and cultural challenges of our times by integrating traditional psychodynamic theories with contemporary theories in art therapy. We strive to be a community of equity and inclusion by welcoming students from many backgrounds and diverse cultures, creating space for all voices to be heard.

Courses are taught online in real time and are heavily interactive. Coursework is delivered through Moodle, our comprehensive learning management system.

Graduates of the program become leaders in the field in the areas of professional practice, research, and theoretical development. In order to address the rising need for telehealth practices, post-APD graduates are also familiar with art therapy practices in a variety of environments both physical and virtual.

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