Creating with Nature


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Creating with Nature is a professional development course focusing on the environment as an important therapeutic space. This course will discuss how and when to incorporate elements of the natural world into the studio and the therapeutic environment. Participants will learn nature-based interventions for supporting various client populations by increasing their framework for working outdoors and in alternative spaces.

Participants will examine techniques, challenges, ethical and practical considerations for introducing non-studio spaces to their clients. Additionally, this course will allow participants to explore the role of symbolism, metaphor, and imagery in working with nature as the media. Through these learnings, participants will understand how to incorporate the use of nature-based materials to foster the therapeutic relationship.

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Pre-Registration Requirements

Participants must be at least 19 years of age at the time of registration.

There is no formal English language requirement for this program. However, it is strongly suggested that applicants must be able to use English for daily purposes. Inability to function in English at a daily life level will impede learning in this program.

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