CiiAT - Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
CiiAT in Egypt

CiiAT in Egypt! Greetings CiiAT art therapy students and enthusiasts. Lucille Proulx and I just spent the past month teaching art therapy to a very engaged, smart group of 38 students in Cairo. It was a life-changing experience for Lucille and I, and the students report deep gratitude and satisfaction with their experiences and learning. We are continuing to be in contact with many of them to assist with how they are applying their newly acquired art therapy techniques to their current work.

Next, we were invited to the University of Alexandria to provide Attachment training to psychiatry interns of the Faculty of Medicine, which was very well received!

Following the training in Alexandria, we flew through Jordan to Israel, to present at the conference in Tel Aviv, and then carried on to Haifa to facilitate yet another training.

During our exciting adventures, our ever dedicated Managing Director, Cheryl- Ann Webster, did her usual incredible job of holding down the fort while we were gone, while juggling more and more new students! A big thank-you goes out to our tireless Managing Director!”

– Michelle Winkel, CiiAT Clinical Director