CiiAT - Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
Trent Street Therapeutic Studio Exhibit

Tucked away in the basement of the Eric Martin Pavilion at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, the Trent Street Therapeutic Art Studios provide Art Therapy for clients seeking a creative place to explore their recovery from mental health challenges.  Funded by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), and Facilitated by the Proulx Global Education Foundation, and The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT), The space is well thought out and is full of diverse art supplies to utilize in a safe manner.  Guided by Registered Art Therapists, clients are able to express feelings and thoughts that are often too hard to speak as a way to process and heal through trauma and mental illness.

Trent Street Therapeutic Art Studios Gallery opened its doors for public exhibit July 31 and August 2, 2019.  The main working gallery was filled with mixed medium including scribe prints, paints, sculpture, light instalments, and interactive stations where visitors to the gallery were able to create using different materials.  The hallways were lined with clients’ artwork, and we were even given a tour of the individual studio spaces the clients worked on their magnificent collections.

One artist took a moment to share their favourite piece; A beautiful mixed medium dragonfly surrounded by collaged leaves.  Amongst all of the artwork for sale in the gallery, this piece was clearly labelled “Not For Sale.”  The artist described the piece as a display of their inner beauty and a landmark of their healing process.  Having the opportunity to witness one’s overflowing sense of pride for their creation was truly inspiring for me as a guest and witness.

The exhibit showcased the importance of teamwork between The Proulx Global Education and Community Foundation, The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy, and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.  The skills, materials, and guidance provided to the Victoria Mental Health Centre greatly improve the quality of care of those seeking help and provide a safe environment for self-expression through Art Therapy.  The Proulx Global Education Foundation and CiiAT are pleased to renew their contract with the Trent Street Studios!



Allison Baxendale, Lucille Proulx, and Sally Fraser enjoying the atmosphere at the exhibit.