What’s the difference between art therapy vs. therapeutic arts?

Both art psychotherapy and the therapeutic arts have numerous benefits relating to well-being, mental health, stress reduction, and self-expression. However, the defining characteristic of art psychotherapy vs. the therapeutic arts is the scope of practice.

While art psychotherapy can only be ethically practiced in Canada by a professional or registered art therapist, anyone can learn and use therapeutic arts in their personal and professional lives.

Art psychotherapists complete over two years of specialized training, including a practicum component, in order to work with clients with specific mental health goals.

Our Art Psychotherapy Diploma graduates go on to work in hospitals, clinics, community organizations, and private practice. Practitioners in the therapeutic arts go on to create safe spaces for self-reflection through the process of creating. Our therapeutic arts program graduates go on to incorporate what they’ve learned into workplaces, schools, community events, and in their own personal endeavours.


48 hours of instruction over 16 weeks

The Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Certification program is an in-depth exploration into the therapeutic arts. Discover the impact of creativity and art-making on the brain, the importance of scope of practice, confidentiality, and creating a safe therapeutic space



24 hours of  instruction over 6 weeks

Build a foundation in psychology through a therapeutic arts lens in the Art of Psychology program. This program covers an introduction to psychology and the therapeutic arts, therapeutic arts considerations for human developmental stages and transitions of life, and the benefits of the therapeutic arts for improving mental health and emotional well-being.


24 hours of  instruction over 6 weeks

Creating with Nature is a professional development course focusing on the environment as an important therapeutic space. This course will discuss how and when to incorporate elements of the natural world into the studio and the therapeutic environment. Participants will learn nature-based interventions for supporting various client populations by increasing their framework for working outdoors and in alternative spaces.



18 hours of instruction

Explore a framework for working with clients from a trauma background through safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness, and empowerment. This program also provides an in-depth look at the scope of practice, limitations of practice, and the importance of intake and referral processes.


18 hours of instruction over 4 weeks

Delve into considerations for using media as a sensory and communication tool and learn how to adapt interventions and materials to your client’s specific needs. This program primarily focuses on autism spectrum disorder, with knowledge and skills that are transferable to other neurological and developmental diagnoses.



18 hours of instruction over 4 weeks

Build upon a foundation of attachment theory through a therapeutic arts lens. Reflect upon your own attachment styles and patterns as you explore the impact on relationships and interactions, both professional and personal, and the dynamics of working with different attachment styles.


18 hours of instruction over 4 weeks

Embark on a reflective journey that explores the building blocks of human connections. Learn the importance of one’s relationship with self, the impact of family origin, internal working models, the role of conflict in growth, and how to create emotional safety in relationships.



18 hours of instruction over 4 weeks

Take your passion and purpose and transform it into an achievable plan for a successful business. This program covers topics in regional regulations, ethics involved in therapeutic arts, and practical entrepreneurial skills around establishing a small business. By the end of this program, you’ll have a creative business plan and a solid understanding of best practices.


“I love the live online format of these programs and being able to connect with other students from anywhere in the world. My experience so far has been very positive! The teachers and staff are passionate and engaging.”

~ Therapeutic Art Practitioner participant ~

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