Yara Pyrozhok graduated from the Medical University in Ukraine and worked as a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist. During this time, she gained considerable experience consulting with patients, including kids. After her own children were born, she obtained a second degree in the field of pedagogy and combined both her backgrounds by working at a daycare centre as a psychoeducator. Her duties included behavior analysis, early intervention, and psychotherapeutic treatment.

Later, Yara moved with her family to Canada. She worked in a daycare with kids with special needs, including those on the autism spectrum, and as a teacher assistant in an elementary school. She has had great opportunities to combine the advantages of both European and American teaching styles. She has also obtained her certificate as an Early Childhood, Infant Toddler and Special Needs Educator in British Columbia, Canada. In 2020, Yara graduated from the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy and became a Professional Art Therapist.

In the summer of 2020, Yara founded My Little Artist Holistic Daycare in Victoria, BC. She has created a unique art-based program for preschoolers. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience!