Tanika Obeyesekere (yes, her name is a real tongue twister) hails from Sri Lanka, was born and raised in Dubai, and studied in the US. Her professional career is just as eclectic. Having over 18 years of experience in 9 different industries, first as a Customer Service Agent and then as a Marketing Professional, Tanika thrives in expressing herself creatively and being of service and help to people. If that’s not a winning combination to be part of the fascinating world of art therapy! Tanika joined CiiAT because she loves how art therapy can foster healing in a person’s life, and she wants to be part of the solution in any way she can.

In her spare time… what spare time? If she’s not working, she’s studying, if she’s not studying, she’s practicing her music for an event, if she’s not doing that, she’s coaching. But that’s how she enjoys life – by doing things she is passionate about.