Sally Fraser, BFA, BEd, ATR, BFA, Bed, ATR

Sally Fraser is an Art Therapist and teacher in Victoria, BC. Originally from Calgary AB, Sally graduated from the University of Calgary with a BFA in Visual Arts, and a BEd. Over the years she taught in a variety of settings. Her work in art, art therapy, teaching, and ‘life in general’ has been approached within an eclectic/inclusive spiritual framework. Areas of artistic interest and practice have ranged from abstract painting to Iconography. Sally appreciates drawing as a learning tool, as well as a means of artistic expression, to gain understanding and clarity in subjects such as the self and relationships, form and space, the material and spiritual worlds. She has worked as an art therapist with people of all ages, from children to seniors. Sally currently works at Trent Street Art Therapeutic Studios in the Artist in Residence program, which provides adjunctive treatment for adults in the process of healing various psychological conditions.