Mr. Kazutaka Shibasaki, Director of JIPATT Japan

Mr. Kazutaka Shibasaki holds a degree in economy from Rikkyo University. After working for CBS Sony, he started his own business in 1980 — Quest Institute Co. — for which he developed workshops and seminars for personal training and therapist training programs. His training, ‘approaching unconsciousness,’ is acknowledged by many people. More than ten thousand participants and six hundred therapists have completed the program. He established NPO Children Future Institute to support mental education for children and opened Art Therapy schools for children and parents in Japan. His unique camp program, ‘Growth seminar,’ encourages children’s self-reliance and is very popular with kids and their parents.Mr. Kazutaka Shibasaki is a representative director of Quest Institute and the author of ‘Healing Door (Yasuragi no tobira)’ published by Cosmoten, ‘Self Therapy (Zibun serapi),’ ‘Meeting Exciting Self (Wakuwakusuru zibun ni deau hon)’ published by KK Long Sellers.