Community Programs and Global Initiatives

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we know that people may be feeling stressed, anxious, and socially isolated. To help encourage and maintain mental health, we have launched our Virtual Art Therapy Clinic.

Community health helps everyone

The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy provides mental health services in conjunction with various community partners. 

Trent Street Studio

Proulx Foundation in collaboration with Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

Eric Martin Pavilion
Royal Jubilee Hospital
Victoria, BC

Running for over 30 years, the Trent Street Studio program provides continuous art therapy services for adults over 18 who have dual-diagnoses. Participants must be referred by a case worker or psychiatrist. Our Registered Art Therapists work in both an open studio and artist-in-residence role.

Twice a year, an open art show is available to the public. Some art may be available for sale.

This program has been successfully moved to an online platform during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Alison Baxendale

“I am not exaggerating at all when I saw that the Trent Street Therapeutic Art Program has saved my life and given me hope that I cannot express my gratitude for.”

– Trent Street Studio participant

“Thank heavens for this space where we can let go of outside concerns and focus on our art.”

– Trent Street Studio participant

“I really like coming here, and it’s all I have.”

– Trent Street Studio participant

Plexiglass drawing

Ledger House

Proulx Foundation in collaboration with Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

Ledger House
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Victoria, BC

The Ledger House program is a two-fold project that has been running for two years at the residential facility at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health. CiiAT Registered Art Therapists provide on-site therapeutic arts training to clinical staff for children and youth at Ledger House. In addition, CiiAT provides weekly art therapy services to two groups of children and youth.

This program is an island-wide resource and has had overwhelmingly positive response from Ledger House staff in training evaluations. Staff members feel that they are better equipped to support the mental health of their charges as well as themselves.

Art Hive

Proulx Foundation in collaboration with the City of Victoria and the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC)

Please contact us to join (available for children ages 7+).

The Art Hive is a therapeutic arts space where children can drop in and create art for free with all art materials provided. We have an art therapist on-site to provide support to the participants.

The Art Hive provides a safe space for children to explore and play with materials. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are hosting the Art Hive online in a virtual space.

Message us for more details.

Drawing of a Tree
Whiteboard collective Drawing

Virtual Art Therapy Clinic

Proulx Foundation Initiative

At the Virtual Art Therapy Clinic, we connect clients with our graduating student therapists. The clinic is entirely online and is accessible, confidential, and available to the global community. We have student therapists from all over the world who are able to speak a variety of languages.

Thanks to the Proulx Foundation, we are able to offer affordable art therapy sessions by donation.

Access mental health services from the comfort of your own home. Please visit the clinic website for more information.