The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy


In 2016, we founded CiiAT – Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy to spread awareness of the healing effects of art therapy and to help train professionals in the practice. As a proud proprietorship of the non-profit organization Proulx Global Education and Community Foundation, we offer engaging, comprehensive and in-depth art therapy programs.

A global perspective is at the core of our curriculum. No matter what topic you study, every course will help you become more culturally fluid and aware. We combine theory and practice in our accessible classes. While we offer in-person programs, our virtual classrooms are at the heart of our unique learning experience.


We strongly believe in accessible education for everyone, and we offer a unique blend of virtual learning and in-person classes.

Our virtual classrooms are conducted in real time through a teleconferencing program that allows you to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates from the comfort of your own home. Assignments and documents can be easily accessed through Moodle, our online learning platform.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our in-person classes have been paused until further notice.


Our students are curious, culturally-diverse, and passionate. They know a career in art therapy is more than just a job – it is a lifetime of learning and creativity, of exploration and the unknown, and of guiding others to where they want to be.

Follow your art. Let it lead you to healing.


The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy is dedicated to the belief that the creative process is healing and life-enhancing. Its mission is to introduce art therapy training programs in Canada and other countries. We focus on training qualified culturally-sensitive and responsive art therapists and therapeutic arts practitioners.

The primary purpose of the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy is to offer an art therapy training program that meets the requirements of Canadian Art Therapy Association.


The Proulx Global Education and Community Foundation is the parent not-for-profit organization of CiiAT.

Mission Statement:

1. To train qualified, culturally-sensitive, and responsive art therapists;

2. To provide similar and related services as determined by the membership;

3. To provide individual and community development through visual and expressive arts.

Board of Directors


Christel Bodenbender, President

Deborah Yaffe, Vice President

Cathryn Yakemchuk, Treasurer

Michelle Winkel, Secretary

Behan Webster, Member-at-Large